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One-stop. No fuss. Just simple.

Looking for payment partners to take your business global? Instead of approaching different companies, we make the process seamless for you. We have built a robust infrastructure of network payment partners via a single API and this makes moving money faster, cheaper and more reliable for you and your customers. Our simple-to-integrate modular framework is what you need to power your business.

Easily integrates with your chosen platform

Through our global partners, we connect your business to the world so you can start sending and accepting payments. Whether you require an all-in-one solution or a payment gateway, we have a solution to suit your business needs.

  • Collection solutions accepting cards, bank transfers, and other domestic payment services
  • Payment solutions offering prepaid / debit cards as well as local and overseas transfers for account deposit and cash pickup
  • Our API allows for integration of your system to ours

Speed to market with our white label solution

Set up a payment solution with your company’s brand and colour for seamless customer journey regardless of the payment channel or country.

  • Go to market quickly with a payment solution branded as your own
  • Leverage a ready technical infrastructure instead of developing one on your own
  • White labelling of mobile apps on iOS and Android is also available

Send, receive and reconcile payments

Our global payment network enables businesses to process international money transfers and save on hidden bank charges and high exchange rates.

  • Convenient cross border payment options
  • Ease of idetifying, tracking and matching payments from initiation to delivery
  • Self-service account access

Simplify the payment experience

Do you have international customers? Our cross-border solution enables your business to simplify the payment experience for them.

  • FX rate transparency
  • Multiple currencies to choose from
  • Fast and safe delivery of funds

Protection and prevention

Our platform gives you peace of mind on the types of customers who are transacting with you. Tap onto our network and expertise to conduct KYC and AML proceedings on your behalf.

  • Manage customer KYC
  • Risk profiling of customers
  • Anti-fraud and AML monitoring

Benefits for all types of businesses

Global payments network

Allows your business to collect from multiple countries and in many currencies.

Payment options to drive sales

Create a single relationship for mobile wallet and bank transfers, card and alternative payment methods worldwide.

Fast set-up with technical support

Easy to set up and comes with a self-service back office portal to help you manage your business.

Customised pricing options

Our pricing plans are aligned to the needs of your business and customers. Have a chat with us so that we can better understand your requirements.

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